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MakeBetter. is a symposium series for software practitioners who make software and strive to make better software. The event typically consists of three 15 minute presentations and three 5 minute lightning talk presentations. Topics covered include DevOps, Software Development Lifecycles, Javascript Frameworks, Testing, QA, Innovation, User Research, User Experience and Design Methodologies.

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Saturday 16. February 2019 Posted by: oshane-bailey Auto-motives Car Rental


Errkz is the premier advertiser that provides you with reliable and superior vehicles for rental purposes. It has long been our mission to provide our customers with a level of service that far exceeds our competitors. We have assembled the most knowledgeable team to ensure that all of our customer's needs are met, right down to the finest detail while disseminating our content to the public.

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Saturday 09. February 2019 Posted by: oshane-bailey Python JaD's Choice Git Git Hooks

pre-commit, a framework for managing and maintaining multi-language pre-commit hooks.

Git hook scripts are useful for identifying simple issues before submission to code review. We run our hooks on every commit to automatically point out issues in code such as missing semicolons, trailing whitespace, and debug statements. By pointing these issues out before code review, this allows a code reviewer to focus on the architecture of a change while not wasting time with trivial style nitpicks.

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Thursday 07. February 2019 Posted by: oshane-bailey Featured GlobalGameJam Game Development

Build It And They Will Play

The evening on January 25, 2019, found a small group of young people gathered and initiating somewhat embarrassing activities in order to “break the ice”, ease the tension and form friendships. It was the kick-off event for Global Game Jam 2019, and the CARIMAC Annex 2 Building played host to the would-be jammers.

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Sunday 03. February 2019 Posted by: oshane-bailey Virtualbox

Virtualization - Importing and Exporting VirtualBox VM Virtual Machines ( .ova and .ovf)

One of the biggest strengths in working with virtual machines is their portability. It’s great to be able to create VMs on one machine and move them to another, or you can create and clone an entire deployment of VMs. At the same time, you can find pre-configured virtual machines online that you can import in a snap and get working right away.

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Tuesday 29. January 2019 Posted by: oshane-bailey JaD's Choice Featured YouTube YouTube Video

Want to add managers and other users to your YouTube channel? Well, There is a couple things you should know.

First, you cannot add a manager or other users to your YouTube channel without having a branded account. Branded account? Yes, there are actually two types of account, i.e. personal and branded. In these videos, you will see how to change your personal account to a branded account and add managers and other users to your branded account

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Friday 25. January 2019 Posted by: david-bain JaD's Choice Featured

data|Meet-Up Jamaica - January

From the ideas you developed in the boot camp and our first few meet-ups, our growing community is well-positioned to start developing your products and prototypes throughout the year.

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Sunday 20. January 2019 Posted by: oshane-bailey Smartphone YouTube Video Battery Teng IoS Featured Lithium Ion Android

Yes, Batteries Are Our Future. Here’s Why.

While smartphones, smarthomes and even smart wearables are growing ever more advanced, they're still limited by power. The battery hasn't advanced in decades. But we're on the verge of a power revolution. Great minds over at the University of California Irvine have cracked nanowire batteries that can withstand plenty of recharging. The result could be future batteries that don't die.

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