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Wednesday 05. September 2018 Posted by: oshane-bailey Python Featured Plone Web Development
At the moment, anyone can contribute to the project, once access has been granted. However, we are primarily seeking individuals who are versed in Python, Git and Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). Please note, this is not currently a paid project. Nevertheless, we are open to discussion on how best to compensate you for your time and contribution.


At JaDCo, we are looking for people who are naturally curious, have a passion for learning, and possess the focus to translate those learnings into tangible results. We look for people who are passionate and driven by a desire to imagine and build transformative solutions for Jamaica and the world at large. We are currently seeking experienced Python Developers to join the JaDCo Team.

Required skills:
  • 1+ years managing this python stack in a distributed, multi-datacenter environment on production

Optional skills:
  • Strong Unit tests skills
  • Experience with building integration tests for automating and running end-to-end tests
  • Experience with Jenkins ci/cd for running tests
  • Experience with building Plone sites (preferred)

At JaD, you’ll work alongside other talented consultants on a variety of projects. At the moment, we are in our start-up phase and are aiming to build a bridge between companies and developers while showcasing Jamaican developers, companies, projects, events and jobs on a global scale.

You’ll have tons of opportunity to expand your skills and apply those skills to interesting new problems. We hire consultants who are hungry to learn and keep up-to-date with the newest trends. For this role, we are looking for developers with not only technical skills, but also the ability to communicate clearly and collaborate effectively. You should be passionate about challenging yourself and solving real business problems by applying the right tools and technologies.
If you are interested and want to learn more about the Jamaican Developers Community and how you might be able to contribute to its development, please fill out our online application form or contact us through our contact us form