Announcing GSoC 2019 - the 15th year of the program!

Google Summer of Code is an international annual program that focuses on introducing students to open source software development. Students work on a three months programming project with an open source organization during their break from university.
Announcing GSoC 2019 - the 15th year of the program!
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Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is open to any university student that is above the age of 18 years old. Over the last 14 years, GSoC has provided over 14,000 university students from 109 countries with an opportunity to hone their skills by contributing to open source projects during their summer break. 

However, in the last 14 years, less than five Jamaicans have participated in GSoC due to the lack of awareness. We at JaD wish to change this. We look forward to introduce at least 5 students to GSoC and help in matching Jamaican students with open source projects.

What are the benefits of GSoC?

  • Students gain a mountain of experiences working with open source software and the techniques used to build, maintain and test real-world software.
  • STUDENTS ARE PAID FOR THEIR TIME. Even though it’s a stipend, depending on where you are in the world, it will worth your while. Last year, the stipend for Jamaican students was USD 3,600 for the three months.
  • Students can earn university credits for completing the project. However, it is not entirely applicable to Jamaican students at this time, but earning credits from doing Google Summer of Code is negotiable especially as part of a students internship programme.
  • It helps build students market value.

Assumingly, by producing more GSoC finalists from Jamaica, Jamaican developers will enter a more competitive market space. They will most likely gain the skillsets to work with a large team of developers, project manager and large codebase that goes through a series of testing and maintainability checks. The more we expose students are to environments that promote growth and the development, the more quality developer the country will produce to make an impact.

How to apply to GSoC?

  • Become a university student once again if you aren't a student. Once you’re currently attending a tertiary education institution you are viable to apply for GSoC regardless of the degree that you are pursuing.
  • Seek and apply for a project hosted by one of the participating open source organizations. Otherwise, propose your own project to GSoC and participating organizations.
  • Write and submit your project proposal.
  • Since you’re not playing the lottery and your proposal adds great value to the proposed open source software, you should get in with ease.

We wish to promote and introduce more students to the Google Summer of Code. The program announcement, timeline, marketing materials (slide deck, flyers), FAQs, and short videos about the program and tips for mentors and students are all available on the GSoC website. For more information or what GSoC was like from a Jamaican GSoC finalist, you can contact me, Oshane Bailey, 2017 GSoC finalist at [email protected].

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