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Only shortlisted applicants who applied via sagicor's career portal at will be contacted

Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited is seeking to identify a suitable candidate to join our Group IT team in the capacity of,

Programmer Analyst

The selected candidate has the responsibility to translate user requirements and deliver software solutions using proven methodologies and documented standards to ensure consistent and predictable system operations that provide interoperability with other systems, utilizing existing architecture and standards, to achieve high reliability requirements and ensuring that the desired specifications are met within the stated timeframes.

Key Duties and Responsibilities :

  • Evaluates and undertakes impact analysis on major technical options and takes a leading role in proposing technical solutions within area of expertise.
  • Takes responsibility for investigative work to seek effective business solutions for assigned projects.
  • Utilizes business experience and skills to assess and advise on the practicability of alternatives.
  • Takes responsibility as needed for the detailed specification and modelling of recommended solutions.
  • Plans, arranges and controls meetings, workshops and relations with client/user staff during system investigations and throughout subsequent development work
  • Takes technical responsibility for most stages of the life cycle for software development of all types of systems
  • Assesses and allocates assignments to junior team members, taking account of individuals' abilities and the requirements of the task.
  • Prescribes standards for the terms and symbols used in program documentation.
  • Set guidelines for the preparation of policies and procedures manuals.
  • Coordinate the preparation of detailed documentation on the operation of programs for users and computer operators.
  • Periodically reassesses and update documents
  • Undertakes all work in accordance with required technical and quality standards and using appropriate methods and tools in order to achieve well-engineered product.
  • Coordinate the preparation of detailed documentation on the operation of programs for users and computer operators.
  • Periodically reassesses and update documents
  • Takes responsibility for the preparation for implementation, to ensure that it is non-disruptive, and that adequate knowledge transfer to the Operations Group for post-implementation support.
  • Recommend program changes to increase operating efficiency or to adapt to new systems requirements.
  • Modify application software to include corrective maintenance.
  • Implement version control and release management procedures, as per change management policy.
  • Apply automated and manual tools including ‘black box’ and ‘white box’ testing, to test and evaluate systems and networks under development.
  • Develop procedures and support needed to ensure smooth transition with amended/new software
  • Perform thorough unit testing and peer review to ensure that quality output of development is maintained.
  • Takes responsibility for the definition, documentation and execution of one or more small-scale projects, providing effective leadership to team members where applicable.
  • Monitors all activities against plan, providing regular and accurate reports to senior management, and client/user management as appropriate.
  • Maintains links with appropriate counterparts within both software engineering and service delivery functions and plays a full part in bringing systems to implementation as detailed by organization policies and methods.
  • Ensures that the relevant documentation relating to the project are prepared and stored.
  • Maintains contact with larger software and hardware vendors for support and to remain informed of developments within the industry.
  • Communicate with core banking software vendors, to develop system designs in to specific functionality requirements.
  • Works with vendors to ensure accurate satisfaction of defined specifications
  • Evaluates the performance of team members against the unit’s objectives to ensure that they are appraised and assessed in accordance with agreed standards, procedures and timetables where applicable.
  • Works with the Quality Control Officer, and Business Owners to ensure that the defined Business Requirements are effectively satisfied in the solution.
  • Participates and provides leadership to the positions supervised through use of timely and effective communication, guidance and support

Academic Qualifications/Specialized Skills/Competencies:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent qualification from a recognised tertiary institution
  • A minimum of one (1) year working experience in IT related disciplines
  • A minimum of one (1) year working experience in the financial sector
  • Experience in programming languages, such as SQL, Java, C#, HTML, Javascript
  • Experience in structured reviews, software testing and testing tools
  • Proficient in System Development Life Cycle methodologies
  • Demonstrated ability to design and develop moderately complex programs and program modifications
  • Experience in application systems integration of average complexity
  • Demonstrated ability for balancing project assignments together with ongoing problem resolution/change requests for multiple application systems of average complexity and timelines for both local and group wide solutions. Average 1-2 projects and 6 business applications.
  • Strong analytical/critical thinking skills
  • Results oriented
  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills
  • A team player
  • Sound decision-making skills

If this role is of interest to you kindly submit an application via Sagiocor's career portal on or before October 31, 2020.

While we appreciate all applications only shortlisted applicants who applied at will be contacted.