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Information Systems Executive Level 7 Information Technology & Records Management

JOB TITLE:             Information Systems Executive

JOB GRADE:           Level 7

DIVISION:              Information Technology & Records Management

REPORTS TO:         Chief Executive Officer

DIRECT REPORTS: Information & Records Manager, Records Management Coordinator


  • Leads, directs and oversees the Information Communications Technology function and ensures continuous operation and cost-efficiency of the Department’s systems, network, database and information security, in order to achieve consistency and reliability of hardware, software, non-system tools, data archiving and offsite disaster recovery management.
  • To oversee the operations of the Registry enabling efficiency in the management and security of the Agency’s records.


  • IT Strategy
  • Business recovery and disaster management plan
  • Information security
  • IT operating policies and procedures
  • Records Management policies and procedures
  • Section’s Operational Plan
  • Reports
  • Effective and efficient Sections
  • Proficient and engaged staff
  • Satisfied internal customers


Management/Administrative Responsibilities

  • Leads development of the Section’s operational plan, monitors performance to targets; recommends changes as necessary to facilitate shift in priorities and attainment of established targets;
  • Manages the Section’s budget;
  • Formulates, implements and monitors operating policies, procedures and standards to support the delivery of information technology and records management services, ensuring they are consistent with best practice and are effectively communicated throughout the Agency;
  • Monitors the technology and system training needs of the Agency, in consultation with HR and members of the Management team;
  • Reviews and responds to internal and external audit findings and monitors the implementation of accepted recommendations;
  • Prepares reports, position papers, and other documents for internal and external reporting as required.
  • Directs and ensures the Registry complies with established safety, security and confidential standards for the management of files and records and mails;
  • Oversees the archiving of files ensuring compliance with records management standards and protocol;
  • Oversees the preparation of documents in response to requests for information by the public under the Access to Information Act; liaises with Public Relations Manager as necessary and ensures compliance of responses with the Act;
  • Represents the AGD at meetings, conferences and other fora as required.

Technical/Professional Responsibilities

  • Leads the development of the IT strategy ensuring alignment with the Agency’s strategic objectives;
  • Provides oversight in the management of Registry function;
  • Ensures the maintenance, continued functionality and conducts modifications as required of the Trust & Estate Management System (TEMS);
  • Plans and organizes the implementation of upgrades and enhancements to the software used by the Agency;
  • Programmes IT systems using software languages used by the Agency;
  • Directs implementation and regularly monitors progress to enable timely return on investments and improved efficiency;
  • Ensures enforcement of policies and procedures for the protection of information technology assets and the integrity, security and privacy of information entrusted to and/or maintained by the Agency;
  • Develops policies and procedures to guide the effective management and mitigation of IT related risks;
  • Leads the development and maintenance of an enterprise-wide business recovery plan to ensure timely and effective restoration of information technology services in the event of a disaster;
  • Develops, implement and enforces all the Agency Information Technology policies;
  • Monitors and ensures IT systems operate according to internal standards, external accrediting agency standards and legal requirements; ensures adequate and timely resolution to IT issues including identifying training needs and recommending appropriate training programmes;
  • Manages all projects related to selection, acquisition, development and installation of information systems for the Agency; leads the development and/or implementation of new IT projects ensuring co-ordination with existing projects;
  • Keeps abreast of developments in the Public Sector IT community, identifies opportunities where the Agency can leverage such developments and makes representation on behalf of the Agency;
  • Promotes the use of technology in a practical and strategic manner to support decision-making;
  • Maintains procedural manual for the efficient execution of the duties of the sections;
  • Keeps abreast of trends in information technology and recommends adoption where necessary to improve efficiency and productivity within the Agency;
  • Provides technical advice to management on information technology matters.

Human Resource Responsibilities

  • Ensures the adherence of staff to established Agency and Section policies and procedures;
  • Provides leadership, to staff by setting clear work objectives, conducting performance appraisals providing timely feedback, engaging in regular communication and providing support as necessary to enable the effective execution of their responsibilities and the achievement of their objectives;
  • Leads the implementation of initiatives to promote teamwork and cooperation in the Section and contributes to building an environment which stimulates, motivates and keeps employees highly engaged;
  • Undertakes human resource related duties in accordance with Agency policies and procedures.

Other Responsibilities

  • Performs other related functions as assigned by the Chief Executive Officer.


  • Established personal and Section targets are consistently achieved
  • IT strategy and business recovery plan are in keeping with best industry practice and are aligned with the Agency’s strategic objectives
  • IT policies, procedures and  standards are in keeping with best industry practice and conducive to operational efficiency
  • Required reports and other documents are thoroughly and accurately prepared, submitted within the specified time frame and adhere to standard formats.
  • Staff satisfaction and engagement metrics are maintained at established level
  • Internal customer satisfaction ratings for the Section  (IT and Registry) are maintained at established level
  • Professionalism and  integrity are consistently demonstrated in execution of duties


  • Recommend and authorise systems design and programs.
  • Recommend and authorise improvements to automated processes related to application systems.
  • Recommend and authorise technological improvements.
  • Manage assigned staff
  • Approve staff leave


  • Excellent analytical and strategic thinking
  • Excellent problem-solving, and decision making skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and social skills
  • Strong project management skills
  • Excellent software development skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication and presentation skills
  • Excellent planning and organizing skills with the ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
  • Excellent people management skills with ability to engage staff and build effective teams


  • MSc. in Computer Science/Information Technology/Management Information Systems or equivalent qualification
  • At least seven (7) years related work experience in a similar position;
  • Experience in developing enterprise applications;
  • Experience in software programming using JAVA;
  • Training in project management;
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.