Special Videos

Special Videos

Tuesday 02. October 2018 Posted by: manager Featured

JamaicanDevelopers.com Introduction Video

JamaicanDevelopers.com - A Social Networking Hub for the Internet of Things in Jamaica. We are a community of tech evangelist in Jamaica that aims to grow and market the development skills of Jamaicans with a community of highly proficient technical officers and companies.

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Staying off the Rocks: Using Lighthouse to Build Seaworthy Progressive Web Apps (Google I/O '17)

In 2016 at Google I/O, Lighthouse was launched to improve the quality of website and PWA apps. Lighthouse is an open-source, automated tool for auditing and improving the quality of your web apps. One year later, Eric Bidelman and Brendan Kenny walked through what's new in Lighthouse in 2017 and how it's evolved into a companion for modern web development. This video covers various aspects of Lighthouse in different environments (Node CLI, Chrome DevTools, WebPageTest, headless Chrome) and ways you can extend Lighthouse by authoring custom audits to run against website.

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Wednesday 26. December 2018 Posted by: oshane-bailey

Python - 2019 Action plan to learn it - Step by step

Python is a great programming language and if you have decided that you will learn python in 2019, that's a great choice. Python is great for web scrapping, analyzing logs, pentesting, web development, data science, Machine Learning etc. But python should not be used for doing everything. Python has its pros and cons. In this video, I will talk about an action plan to learn python. How to get started and what libraries to learn to into various domains like pentesting, web, data science and Machine Learning.

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Tuesday 01. January 2019 Posted by: jonathan-sadler Django Python Python Developer Database CMS Rest API Tutorial Video

Exploring Django Zero to Hero in 1 minute.

Django is a Python- MVC/Rest framework and is used as the backend of many popular social networks like Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest it is very good at Rapid Application Development. Explore how to use it in the this video. Also check out other Django made sites like Spotify and Dropbox. Django would be considered as a Firebase/ Node.js (Express) alternative.

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Thursday 03. January 2019 Posted by: oshane-bailey Brotli Nginx Google Lighthouse Featured Page Speed

Setting up Brotli on Nginx

Brotli is a relatively new compression algorithm that was developed by Google in order to help further reduce the size of files. This means less bandwidth is used to transfer files that take advantage of Brotli compression and visitors accessing these files to receive them faster.

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Tuesday 08. January 2019 Posted by: oshane-bailey Featured CES CES 2019

CES 2019: It’s opening day at the Consumer Electronics Show!

January 8th, the opening day of CES 2019. The show floor in Las Vegas will be buzzing with new tech from all over the world. CNET is live streaming highlights from the Big TECH Conference. CES 2019 is filled with robotic pets, a Next Big Thing panel on the future of media, and a live demo of the Airframe Exoskeleton.

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Sunday 20. January 2019 Posted by: oshane-bailey Smartphone YouTube Video Battery Teng IoS Featured Lithium Ion Android

Yes, Batteries Are Our Future. Here’s Why.

While smartphones, smarthomes and even smart wearables are growing ever more advanced, they're still limited by power. The battery hasn't advanced in decades. But we're on the verge of a power revolution. Great minds over at the University of California Irvine have cracked nanowire batteries that can withstand plenty of recharging. The result could be future batteries that don't die.

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Tuesday 29. January 2019 Posted by: oshane-bailey JaD's Choice Featured YouTube YouTube Video

Want to add managers and other users to your YouTube channel? Well, There is a couple things you should know.

First, you cannot add a manager or other users to your YouTube channel without having a branded account. Branded account? Yes, there are actually two types of account, i.e. personal and branded. In these videos, you will see how to change your personal account to a branded account and add managers and other users to your branded account

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Sunday 03. February 2019 Posted by: oshane-bailey Virtualbox

Virtualization - Importing and Exporting VirtualBox VM Virtual Machines ( .ova and .ovf)

One of the biggest strengths in working with virtual machines is their portability. It’s great to be able to create VMs on one machine and move them to another, or you can create and clone an entire deployment of VMs. At the same time, you can find pre-configured virtual machines online that you can import in a snap and get working right away.

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Monday 15. April 2019 Posted by: oshane-bailey JaD's Choice Design Sprint Design Patterns Customer Experience

Conversation with Jake Knapp - Design Sprints and Customer Experience

At Incrementic, we “Reduce risk and save time by rapidly testing the viability of new opportunities”. Our methodology is the Design Sprint, which offers a transformative formula for testing ideas that work whether you’re at a startup or a large organization. Within five days, you’ll move from idea to prototype to decision, saving you and your team countless hours and countless dollars.

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Monday 15. April 2019 Posted by: oshane-bailey Hardware KingstOOn Animation JaD's Choice Film

Daytime Live: demonstrating motion capturing during KingstOOn Animation interview

Watch Roshane and Lushane Jones explain what KingstOOn and Motion Capturing is and how it will impact Jamaica. KingstOOn is the Caribbean’s Premiere International Animation Conference and Film Festival being presented by Jamaica’s Office Of The Prime Minister, in partnership with the World Bank. The festival has three major objectives of LEARN to EARN and DISPLAY animation.

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Thursday 09. May 2019 Posted by: oshane-bailey Java Python JavaScript C# Featured CakePHP Programming Language

StackOverflow language popularity through the years

We took a look at the most popular programming languages on Stack Overflow since 2008 bar chart race and was amazed by the stunning adaptation for the major languages we are using today. What do you think about the end result? Was it a surprise to you in any way? Do you think the change in language popularity is the same in Jamaica? Let us know in the comments below

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