Friday 18. January 2019 Recruiter: Christopher Edmonds Posted by: oshane-bailey React Redux Git AWS JWT UX Python
Employment Type Part-time

Must be Kingston-based so we can meet in person. Email me your LinkedIn and GitHub if you're interested

Skills required:

  • React / Redux / Redux-Saga w/ strong command of latest React & ES8, e.g. async/await, hooks, functional programming, patterns, etc.
  • Strong understanding of how to build front-ends based on REST APIs + understanding of the HTTP request/response cycle, CORS, etc.
  • Authorization/Authentication - JWT etc. (AWS Cognito esp.)
  • Modern HTML/CSS + some UX skills w/ a framework such as Bootstrap, Material UI, etc.
  • Git + some experience in cloud deployment (AWS, GCP, etc.)
  • Testing w/ Jest, etc.
  • Ability to follow style guides + write clean well-documented code

Bonus skills:

  • Python / Django / Django Rest Framework
  • AWS Lambda
  • JSON: API spec
  • WebSockets
  • GraphQL
  • SQL + NoSQL DBs
  • JetBrains IDEs
  • MacOS > Windows (Linux is ok too)