Jamaica Information Service

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Jamaica Information Service

The Jamaica Information Service (JIS) is the multifaceted information agency of the Government of Jamaica that gathers and disseminates information on Government policies and programmes, locally and overseas. The agency utilizes the full range of media skills and talents - print, radio, television, graphic arts, video projection and public relation, to achieve its goals. The Jamaica Information Service, mission is to inform and educate the public about Government's policies and programmes so as to increase awareness, understanding and support for these policies and programmes.

The communication capabilities of the agency help Jamaicans understand their responsibilities and rights as citizens; interpret and present the history of Jamaica, and promote a sense of unity and national identity. JIS programmes and publications serve an archival function as they advance and record Jamaica's culture and community-based activities.

The Jamaica Information Service has the physical infrastructure, equipment, resources and competence to become one of the largest public relations, advertising, research and printing facilities in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Integral to its operation is the ability of the Agency's staff to:

  1. Cover and write news and feature stories;

  2. Script and produce radio and television programmes;

  3. Co-ordinate outside broadcasts;

  4. Design and produce printed materials;

  5. Develop and mount advertising campaigns;

  6. Highlight on an ongoing basis the plans, programmes and projects of the various government ministries and agencies;

  7. Promote Government's policies and programmes both locally and overseas; and

  8. Encourage feedback and public participation in Government's programmes through various fora, radio, print and television programmes.