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Thursday 10. January 2019 Posted by: oshane-bailey SEO Best Practices Featured Bad Practices

Why Your Links Should Never Say "Click Here"

Why Your Links Should Never Say "Click Here". This is very bad for SEO. Google search engine bots, for example, are smart bots, which uses the title, alt and content of a link to determine its relevance and context in order to provide better search results. Therefore, this will harm your site, and the guys at Smashing Magazine gives more insights on how it might affect your users.

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Monday 07. January 2019 Posted by: oshane-bailey Git Repository Git Self Hosted Git Repository Featured Github Private Repository

New year, new GitHub: Announcing unlimited free private repos and unified Enterprise offering

Is Microsoft really becoming the new champion of OSS? After a major buyout, Github services are becoming more open, flexible and most importantly, free. What are your thoughts on Github offering unlimited free private repositories? How do you think it will impact Bitbucket, which only offers 5 free private repositories or Gitlab that has unlimited free private repos?

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Monday 31. December 2018 Posted by: oshane-bailey Git Agile Featured Scrum Laravel

Laravel GitScrum - a Simple and Robust solution to manage your software development project

Laravel GitScrum is a free application developed specifically for agile teams to be more collaborative, self-organised and cross-functional. The aim is to help the development teams to use Git and Scrum for task management and development on a day-to-day process. GitScrum can be integrated with Github or Gitlab or Bitbucket. It comes with Product Backlog, Epics, User Story, Kanban and many features that will help your team to be more flexible and agile.

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Nowadays, especially in Jamaica, most Game Programming Degree Programs come in the form of associate’s degrees. However, if you’re intent on earning a three to four-years education in game development, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, the first of many, I will mention some affordable online and offline degree programs for Game Development.

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Thursday 13. December 2018 Posted by: oshane-bailey User Experience Featured UX

State of UX in 2019

We have seen quite a lot in 2018. After curating and sharing 2,239 links with 264,016 designers around the world, we have isolated a few trends in what our industry is writing, talking, and thinking about. Here’s what to expect for UX in 2019.

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Plone Conf 2018 Talk - What are Jamaicans doing with Plone?

In this talk, I, Oshane Bailey demonstrates a suite of tools and techniques that simplify the process of moving from an idea to a deployed product. The presentation showcase how Alteroo, the only Plone development shop in Jamaica use their current stack to get things done quickly. The vision is to make it easier for future developers to start, build, update and deploy with little backend changes as possible while having the ability to do so if needed.

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Tuesday 06. November 2018 Posted by: oshane-bailey CastleCMS Featured Training Plone Conference Google Anaytics Plone

Intro to CastleCMS by Kim Nguyen is a half-day session for content editors, decision makers, site owners. CastleCMS is an enhanced distribution of Plone. CastleCMS is explicitly designed for creating and maintaining websites with a large amount of content, allows many content editors to be working on different parts of the site simultaneously, moreover, ensures high-quality content with built-in checks for standard errors and accessibility compliance.

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