Featured Jamaican Websites

Featured Jamaican Websites

Wednesday 17. April 2019 Posted by: oshane-bailey Job Listing Job Management

Jamaican Medium Jobs

Jamaican Medium Jobs is a job board website that does: Candidate searching, screening and resume matching with a built-in employer’s account that thoroughly connects quality job seekers with companies.

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Saturday 16. February 2019 Posted by: oshane-bailey Auto-motives Car Rental


Errkz is the premier advertiser that provides you with reliable and superior vehicles for rental purposes. It has long been our mission to provide our customers with a level of service that far exceeds our competitors. We have assembled the most knowledgeable team to ensure that all of our customer's needs are met, right down to the finest detail while disseminating our content to the public.

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Wednesday 28. November 2018 Posted by: oshane-bailey Networking Computing Blog Featured Information Society Podcast ICT

ICT Pulse

ICE Pulse is a blog which gears toward discussing topical Information and Communications Technology (ICT) issues from a Caribbean perspective. ICTs are critical drivers of development in the world today and are shaping the future to be knowledge and information focussed. We have catchphrases such as “Information Society” and ‘knowledge-based society”, but many of us really do not know what they mean, how they affect the use of ICT, or what is required to realise them.

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Friday 19. October 2018 Posted by: oshane-bailey Website Keez IOs Featured SiFi Studios Real Estate Android Mobile App

Keez Real Estate - Jamaican Homes for Rent & Sale

SiFi Studios recently released their new digital brand “Keez”. It is a digital real estate platform that allows you to find Jamaican real estate for sale & rent. Their technology allows you to view more properties and also provides more details about each property, including video walk-throughs and hi-resolution photos.

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Tuesday 02. October 2018 Posted by: manager Unix System Design Featured Web Development Linux


Slashroot.in is a technical blog site platform for learning technology and system administration related stuff. System administrators need to regularly update their awareness about latest tools and technologies and sometimes even brush up old concepts.

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Tuesday 11. September 2018 Posted by: manager Pharmaceutical Medical Supplies Jamaican Based Prescription Featured Distributor

PharmaPackNGo.com, shop, click and save

PharmaPackNGo.com is the online platform that is owned and operated by Kurmarc Marketing Limited, which is a registered distributor of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and prescription packaging solutions in Jamaica. It aims to be the preferred supplier of healthcare products by improving the quality and cost of patient care while maintaining the highest level of honesty and integrity.

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Saturday 08. September 2018 Posted by: oshane-bailey Featured Jamaican Based Courier Shipping

HNM Couriers

One of the most significant dilemmas for online shopping for Jamaicans are shipping and delivery. Despite having substantial players like shipme, the industry is still in its niche stage in Jamaica. HNM Couriers for one has been rapidly growing since its founding in 2017. They provide free shipping to various areas in Jamaica. Their services are worth checking out.

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