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Employee Salary Year to Date add-on for Frappe / ERPNext

Salary YTD

Employee Salary Year to Date

The use case is that in many jurisdictions, knowing the YTD value for various salary components is useful to an employee from an awareness perspective (on printed salary slip) and is also very useful in varying tax calculations that need to know this value due to ways that tax are applied based on the value. By having this app installed, employees will be able to see how much they've currently earned and deductions paid during the company fiscal year.

Setup Guide


Creating Salary Year to Date DocType

At the moment, we need to manually create a Salary Year to Date table, which is based on the Salary Detail table. Afterwards, we are going to add a table field to the Salary Slip and Salary Structure DocType.

  • Create a duplicated version of the Salary Detail and name it Salary Year to Date.
  • Remove all fields except the ones listed below or in the screenshot:
  • salary_component
  • abbr
  • amount

Customize the Salary Slip and Salary Structure to include the Salary Year to Date DocType

  • Go to http://yoursite/desk#Form/Customize%20Form
  • Enter Salary Slip in the DocType field
  • Customize the Salary Slip Form and add a table field called Salary Year to Date, which uses the Salary Year to Date Table-DocType as seen in the screenshot below. Repeat this process for the Salary Structure Form

Installing erpnext_ytd

  • Clone the repository into your apps folder:
cd /path/to/frappe-bench/apps/
git clone https://github.com/alteroo/erpnext_ytd.git
  • Install the app using the following command:
cd /path/to/frappe-bench/
bench --site <site-id> install-app erpnext_ytd
  • Restart your server and you should be good to go.

Example of Year to Date