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Tuesday 16. October 2018 Posted by: manager Website Directory Directory


Top5Jamaica was established in 1998 as Jamaica’s premier search portal and currently boasts approximately 4000 links to sites with Jamaican-related content in 60 different categories. It is one of the largest and most comprehensive directories for Jamaican Internet community.

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Sunday 14. October 2018 Posted by: oshane-bailey Event Business

Business Events Ja

Business Events JA is a hub spot, filled with resources relevant to all kinds of people interested in doing business in Jamaica. On Business Events JA you will find links to public and private companies in a range of sectors, non-profits, government institutions and more.

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Tuesday 02. October 2018 Posted by: manager Featured Introduction Video - A Social Networking Hub for the Internet of Things in Jamaica. We are a community of tech evangelist in Jamaica that aims to grow and market the development skills of Jamaicans with a community of highly proficient technical officers and companies.

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Tuesday 02. October 2018 Posted by: manager Conference Featured Plone

Plone Conference 2018

Plone software and community has been evolved actively nearly 20 years since Plone debut on the Internet. Plone Conference supporte this miracle long life in the fast-changing industry. Plone software is about to leap into a next generation, Python 3 and Zope 4.

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Tuesday 02. October 2018 Posted by: manager Unix Featured Web Development System Design Linux is a technical blog site platform for learning technology and system administration related stuff. System administrators need to regularly update their awareness about latest tools and technologies and sometimes even brush up old concepts.

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Sunday 23. September 2018 Posted by: manager Jamaican Sign Language JSL Wordpress WorldCamp

Bianca Welds presents a means to improve the way of life for the Deaf WordPress.

In 2017 at WordCamp, Bianca Welds spoke about the deaf community is marginalised in most countries around the world. Using WordPress, one couple is trying to increase understanding of and participation in the Deaf community in Jamaica. This presentation will share how a partnership with a WordPress developer has changed how they spread their message and improve the way of life for the Deaf in this island nation.

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Friday 21. September 2018 Posted by: manager

Contributing to Jamaican Developers Community

Can you contribute? Definitely YES!!! Our team is quite small, in fact, at this very moment of writing this article, the team only comprises of Me, Myself and I. Yes, I know, I should be using I instead of We, but let me ask you this. Doesn't this project has the jazz to attract other techies?

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Tuesday 11. September 2018 Posted by: manager Pharmaceutical Medical Supplies Jamaican Based Prescription Featured Distributor, shop, click and save is the online platform that is owned and operated by Kurmarc Marketing Limited, which is a registered distributor of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and prescription packaging solutions in Jamaica. It aims to be the preferred supplier of healthcare products by improving the quality and cost of patient care while maintaining the highest level of honesty and integrity.

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Saturday 08. September 2018 Posted by: oshane-bailey Featured Jamaican Based Courier Shipping

HNM Couriers

One of the most significant dilemmas for online shopping for Jamaicans are shipping and delivery. Despite having substantial players like shipme, the industry is still in its niche stage in Jamaica. HNM Couriers for one has been rapidly growing since its founding in 2017. They provide free shipping to various areas in Jamaica. Their services are worth checking out.

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Friday 07. September 2018 Posted by: oshane-bailey Metadata Meta Tags SEO Search Engine

Analyzing and optimizing your Meta tag for Search Engines

Meta tags are snippets of text that does not show on any page but helps to describe a page's content. They are a perfect way to provide search engines with information about your web pages and their relativity to search terms. Use the Meta Data Analyzer tool to gain in-depth insights about your site metadata and recommendations on how to optimize your site.

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Thursday 06. September 2018 Posted by: manager


Through the Jamaican Developers Community, you can exchange ideas and build lifelong friendships with people who share your passion for service and development. Take advantage of the resources and activities available through local communities, clubs, societies, businesses and our online communities. The Jamaican Developers Community aims to make your experience with technology both rewarding and fun.

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Wednesday 05. September 2018 Posted by: oshane-bailey Python Featured Plone Web Development

Python Developer

At the moment, anyone can contribute to the project, once access has been granted. However, we are primarily seeking individuals who are versed in Python, Git and Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). Please note, this is not currently a paid project. Nevertheless, we are open to discussion on how best to compensate you for your time and contribution.

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Wednesday 05. September 2018 Posted by: manager Conference

Tech Beach Retreat

At Tech Beach Retreat you can expect world class keynote speakers, panel discussions, fireside chats, workshops, nightlife and live entertainment.

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