Scalable Technologies applicable in the Caribbean

Hacker Hostel will be hosting Amazon's We Build Tech team in Kingston, Jamaica to discuss scalable technologies for companies based in emerging markets like Jamaica.
Scalable Technologies applicable in the Caribbean
Wednesday 05. December 2018 Posted in:

Event Schedule

The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) will be joining us to talk about their datasets and API, while the group working on a smart grocery list application based on consumer data will present progress made on their prototype. We will also have a short presentation on how to access data using an API and continue to brainstorm prototypes of ideas presented at the last meet-up.

Organised by the SlashRoots Foundation, MakeBetter and the World Bank, these meet-ups are designed to be an opportunity for you to learn new skills, and solve problems affecting your community and country using data and technology. Whether it’s that you want to create an app or visualise data for articles these meet-ups will help you create real work and products.

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