Beta Launch

Here comes the Jamaican Developer community that you’ve been waiting for.
Beta Launch
Monday 09. April 2018 Posted in:

We at are working restlessly to get this website off the ground. This project was actually conceptualized in late December of 2017. It had a slow kick-off period, with only 3 days of development for the site until March 20th, 2018, where the real development started. Today, March 25th, we published the beta version of the site with SSL, caching and other services enabled. We are expecting to have a polished MVP by the middle of April.

The What and the Why.

The name of the website is self-explanatory, it is a community for software developers across Jamaica to connect with each other, learn, grow and market their development skills with a community of highly proficient technical officers and companies. We have observed that there is a dilemma between companies and developers, where companies cannot find quality developers and developers cannot find work. Websites like Linkedin, Upwork and Quora aims to solve this problem in their own unique way, but they lack focus on demographics and economics of a country, in this case, Jamaica. Developers in the United States can give quality advice to developers in Jamaica, however, they may lack the experience of developing software in Jamaica, for Jamaica and for Jamaican companies. This is the very reason why we decided to create an intranet version of Linkedin to focus on Jamaican diaspora of developers. 

Can you contribute?

Currently, that's a definite YES!!! The team is quite small, in fact, at this very moment of writing this post, the team only comprises of Me, Myself and I. Yes, I know, I should be using I instead of We, but let me ask you this. Doesn't this project has the jazz to attract other teches? 

How can you contribute?

At the moment, anyone can contribute to the project, once access has been granted. However, all the issues, wikis and snippets are available on the project's Gitlab page.

Ways to contribute:

  • If you desire to contribute code, you may request access to our source repository on Gitlab. However, we are mostly seeking individuals who are versed in the following fields:
    • Plone
    • Python
    • Git
    • JavaScript
  • You can head over to our Slack channels and engage in various different convos. At the moment, there aren't much.
  • Help us market our website and become an essential contributor to the success of this venture. 
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