Testing collective.geo.leaflet on Plone 5

This video demonstrate how to configure collective.geo.leaflet to work on Plone 5.
Testing collective.geo.leaflet on Plone 5

collective.geo.leaflet package uses the collective.geo.* suite for map editing and navigation.


Note, the version of each collective.geo.* package that is used in the buildout for Plone 5 has not been deployed to PyPi as yet and is still in development. Therefore, to get the development versions of the collective.geo.* packages installed on Plone 5, add the source repositories for collective.geo.leaflet and other packages to the buildout file as seen in the snippet below:


eggs +=

always-checkout = false
auto-checkout =
collective.geo.leaflet              = git [email protected]:l34marr/collective.geo.leaflet.git
collective.geo.settings             = git [email protected]:collective/collective.geo.settings.git
collective.geo.mapwidget            = git [email protected]:collective/collective.geo.mapwidget.git
collective.geo.openlayers           = git [email protected]:collective/collective.geo.openlayers.git

Also, enable the following Google Map APIs from Google Cloud Console control panel:

  • Geocoding API
  • Geolocation API
  • Maps JavaScript API

Follow the steps below to copy your Google Map API key to your Collective Geo Controlpanel:


  • Copy the map API key from Google Cloud Console


  • Paste it in the Google API KEY field for the Collective Geo Controlpanel form on your plone site, then click save.


Once done, you will be able to select a point on the map or search for places on the map.

Note: The map search function on the Collective Geo Controlpanel is limited to one (1) search per day if the API key is linked to a free GCloud account . However, the map search function for content types that enables the Collective Geo Behavior will work correctly.

Repository: https://github.com/collective/collective.geo.leaflet