Affordable path for Carribbean students to pursue a career in Game Programming.

Nowadays, especially in Jamaica, most Game Programming Degree Programs come in the form of associate’s degrees. However, if you’re intent on earning a three to four-years education in game development, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, the first of many, I will mention some affordable online and offline degree programs for Game Development.
Affordable path for Carribbean students to pursue a career in Game Programming.


i) Pass CAPE to see if you like the Game Design / Development Process

ii) Consider also taking the following courses to give yourself options in case you decide to do just a plain computer science degree in the end.

If you have trouble with math seek help (like personal tutors or work in groups) will be very hard to pursue a traditional computer science education or career without it. For purposes of just programming- algebra and arithmetic should be fine.


i) Get a Bachelors In Science: Game Programming or a plain Bachelors In Science: Computer Science Degree.

Some notable Online degrees in Game Programming:

Out of the 11 in the list, Baker college stands out

Make sure to choose a Bachelors In Sciences and not the Arts. If you are doing the Arts- You should be considering a direction as a Game Designer/ Animator/ Modeler and you need to be able to draw, paint and possibly sculpt in real life before you can do it in a computer.

Online Computer Science Related Degrees

Offline Computer Science Related at University of the West Indies

Offline Computer Science Related at University of Technology

FOR A CONTINUING EDUCATION STUDENT/ PROFESSIONAL interested in HCI, VR, AR. Mixed Reality or Game Development see specializations below:

  1. Offline Courses
  2. Online:

Some notable Caribbean Industry Professionals and Innovators in Game Development:

  • Glen Henry
  • David Soutar
  • Ruchmair Dixon
  • Andrew Royes
  • Joel Sadler

I will do a future post on affordable online Computer Science Masters courses.

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